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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Whiskey or whisky: What's the difference? What's the big deal?!

All right, this came up again with a new friend so I thought I'd document it here.

Whiskey or whisky? Does it matter? Can't I just use either one? (If you are writing about whiskey, yes, it matters)

No! Dammit, NO! Ha! jk jk jk

Yes, it does matter. So pay attention. It's real simple.

If you are talking about Scotch (ESPECIALLY if you are in Scotland), do yourself a favor and lose the "e." (see an article)

If you are in Ireland and/or drinking Irish whiskey, use the "e."

OK. Here is where it can get tricky for the slow and weak. In the U.S., generally whiskey has an "e" but not always (Isn't that just like us?). So, if you are in America, home of the brave - land of the free, feel free to go either way. Your choice. We go both ways in the U.S. God bless us all.

My Choice? Well now, I have chosen to drink whiskey with my "e" intact. It is what makes me uniquely American. My grandfather and his brothers were a moonshiners and they darned tootin' had there "e's" intact!

Whatever you choose, please be consistent. Nothing is worse than having no "e" one day then deciding you found a cute t-shirt with an "e" so you are going to go that way for a while. Make a choice dammit, then stick to your guns!

God bless you!


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