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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today's Twitter Poetry - In case you missed it.

Today I was challenged by The Whiskey Mistress  to use Uberfacts' word of the day, "pandiculation" three times. Finding it difficult to resist a challenge, here are the three poems I wrote using pandiculation. No, I wasn't drinking.

One admission, after several readings of the first poem, I decided to make one minor edit. I think the word "sheets" flows better than "covers."  I also added a title to the second poem, in case the reader misses to subject of the poem. Keep in mind, these are tweets.


I gazed upon my whiskey girl, her form aglow and sated.
She slipped from underneath my sheets, rose, and pandiculated.

#2  The Brat

The loathsome brute, semblance of hate, He moans, he farts, pandiculates.
His richness smelt, his cry discerned, the diaper changed, no lesson learned.

#3 A Haiku

Cup void of amber whiskey,
The King yields to bed.

There you go, enjoy. Yep, this is why Whiskey Girl drinks.

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