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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today, as you search for the perfect drink to celebrate the Irish, consider the many great Irish Whiskies. Here are three that I sampled recently at a wonderful Irish bar in Washington D.C. a week ago in anticipation of this great day.

First, the bar! The Irish Whiskey. If you are in the D.C. area today, I don't think you can do better than the Irish Whiskey. Stop in and meet the friendly staff. Our bartender had several recommendations as well as a engaging personality. A great time!

First Whiskey: Michter's Single Barrel Rye Whiskey
All right, I'll admit it, I am a huge rye fan and love the fact that it is on the rise in popularity. Get a bottle of Michter's single barrel rye whiskey, pass on the green beer, and enjoy a day with this smooth and mellow whiskey. Even though this is an American Whiskey (Est. 1753), it was served to me at The Irish Whiskey, SO CLOSE ENOUGH!

Second Whiskey: Mickey Finn
So this whiskey (Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor) wasn't really my "cup of tea," but I long ago realized (with the help of my son Tim at age 4 as I tried to get him to enjoy tomatoes) that "Not everyone likes the same things." Order a shot of Mickey Finn when you are ready for a change of taste or a break from the Michter's. This whiskey has a strong green apple taste which is delicious, but a little too cloying in my opinion. The other issue that gives me pause is that although this is marketed as an Irish whiskey, Mickey Finn is also an American. O for 2... What kind of Irish theme is this? OK, so as you will find, I am not a purest and I am always willing to roll with marketing themes, so I salute Mickey Finn's slogan "American By Choice, Irish By Nature" and offer this whiskey as you celebrate St. Patty's.

And the Third: The Knot
A great way to end your evening. This sweet, smooth whiskey is like slipping into a delicious, warm bubble bath. It is delicious, rich, with a hint of vanilla (or is that butterscotch). Unlike the Mickey Finn's, this is not too sweet and does not seem too rich or wear you out as you enjoy a glass. Definitely try the Knot as a pinnacle to your Irish celebration.

So have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, sport the Green, enjoy your family and friends, and most importantly, enjoy a fine whiskey.


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